Who has worn #23 for the Brewers

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Re: Who has worn #23 for the Brewers


I looked at rosters on the [url=http://www.baseball-almanac.com:2htw8e6q]Baseball Almanac[/url:2htw8e6q] site and for those years (1975-1988) here is who they have listed as wearing #23:

1975-1978: Eduardo Rodriguez
1979-1980: Reggie Cleveland
1980-1985: Ted Simmons (BINGO!)
1986-1987: Nobody
1988: Joey Meyer

Also...just in case your friend was off by a number, Charlie Moore wore #22 for many of those years and played quite a few games at catcher. Hope this helps.


Posted by TwinsCards on 2008-11-08 |

Who has worn #23 for the Brewers

Trying to find out for a friend of mine - does anyone know who might have worn #23 for the Brewers - the time frame I'm looking for is roughly 1975-1988. She thinks he may have been a catcher, but can't remember.

Thanks in advance,

Posted by hawkidave on 2008-10-30 |